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If you are interested in our running anthology submissions, click here.


From the list of editors below, decide which editor would be best suited for your particular manuscript. Address your query letter to that specific editor. If that editor is not available to look at queries, it will be passed along to another editor. However, if any editor passes on your work, that is a pass from Thurston Howl Publications. Do not re-submit your work please. Send all queries to

In the body of your email, send the following three things:

1. A standard and formal query letter (check here for help)

2. A one- to two-page synopsis of your work (spoilers included)

3. The first ten to twenty pages of your manuscript (click here for help)

Please give editors two weeks to respond. After that point, feel free to send a follow-up email.

Please make sure your query components are well-proofread before submitting. Sloppy grammar, errant spelling, and two spaces between sentences are apt deterrents for our editors.

For furry fiction, please go here.

We do NOT take children's books, picture books, young adult books, nonfiction, poetry, religious fiction, or anything we deem conservative (including things that are pointedly libertarian, centrist, or apolitical). Take that shit somewhere else.


Thurston Howl, editor-in-chief: experimental fiction, supernatural horror, and gay erotica

Cedric G! Bacon, managing editor: horror (splatterpunk, B-movie sleaze, zombies, gothic, erotic, and cult), historical fiction, weird fiction, pulp, and sword & sorcery

Weasel: LGBTQ+ literature, horror (sleaze/B-lit, grindhouse, or cult), transgressive fiction, short story collections, and erotica

Jennifer Selzer: urban fantasy, fantasy, romance, and magical realism

Patrick Guilford: science fiction, weird fiction, contemporary fiction, experimental fiction, short story collections, and LGBTQIA+ fiction

Mordecai: LGBTQ+ literature, romance, erotica, detective/crime, Southern Gothic, postermodern lit, and cyberpunk

Kate Watts: science fiction and weird literature

Alexander: queer fiction, sci fi/fantasy (any sub-genre from magical realism to space opera), romance, short story collections, and slice-of-life pieces

Al: young adult/new adult fiction, m/m erotica, Central European/Germanic literature, queer fiction, slice of life fiction, literature of the American Pacific Northwest, East/Southeast Asian and Asian American stories

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