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May 7, 2019

I have noticed that THP is rather unique when it comes to small furry publishers in that we publish a crap-ton of anthologies. Between three and six a year. And this might seem especially odd given a number of factors: 1) many furry publishers have publicly announced w...

September 20, 2017

 In 2015, we sought out to make the first furry nonfiction publication, Furries Among Us. The book featured essays from Kyell Gold, Fred Patten, the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, and more. It was an instant hit and remains one of our bestselling works...

July 21, 2017

Even though we still have a little over one more week left for July, a lot has happened this month, and THP is moving its headquarters to Michigan in two weeks (to help raise funds for the move, click here), so that will be keeping us busy in the interim.

- Received 12...

June 28, 2017

Whether you're cooling off at the beach, walking your dog, or waiting for some mechanics to change your oil in a waiting room with no AC, here are some good THP books you can enjoy to both inspire your summer travels and help you relax.

1. Thicket by Terry Michael Gildo...

April 27, 2017

To introduce some of our staff, we are starting an interview series with many of our members. Today's interview was with Rayah, THP's associate editor.

Hello Rayah, so before we get started, why don't you introduce yourself and your role in Thurston Howl Publications?


April 14, 2017

 This past weekend was a big deal for Thurston Howl Publications!

When Writing Facilitator of Furry Weekend Atlanta Jelliqal invited us to come and lead some panels on writing and publishing, we were more than interested.

THP members included Rayah, our associate editor,...

March 25, 2017

So, a lot's happened this month!

This starts the opening of our new website design. Our header was provided by the wonderful talents of Howl, George Squares, and Tabsley Abernathy, and Howl handled the main site re-design.

We've also received an interestingly high volume...

March 25, 2017

Happy Spring 2017! Here in Knoxville, TN, the weather changes daily from freezing to scorching to raining to snowing. But at least reading stays a pleasant constant, right?

Here are five Thurston Howl Publications books to sate all your spring needs this year:

1. Above t...

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