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An Unconventional Love

ROUND 2! You know the drill: We give the prompt, you the words, and make some magic happen! Our favorites to be featured in an upcoming newsletter! Send yours to with the subject line "Furry Mad Libs" or FML (it's coincidence we swear)! Here is your new canvas this time from Alison Cybe! You will need, (MALE NAME), (SPECIES), (BUILDING), (EMOTION), (OBJECTS), (ROOM), (ADJECTIVE 1), (ADJECTIVE 2), (PRESENT TENSE VERB), (VERB 1), (VERB 2), (SOUND), (ANATOMY 1), (ANATOMY 2), (OBJECT SINGULAR) (MALE NAME) had been watching the (SPECIES) for weeks from across the (BUILDING). Every morning they would watch as the (SPECIES) would (VERB 2) some (OBJECTS) and then

Road Trip to Remember

We're trying something a little different. Yeah, what else is new? In our constant forward momentum of innovation we thought we'd incorporate a little fun between publisher and readers in the classic and timeless form of MAD LIBS! We provide the prompt, you (the readers) provide the magical words, and create a personal experience all your own! We'll pick some of our favorites to be featured in an upcoming newsletter! Key: Season Adjective Name of a Furry 1 Adjective Name of a Furry 2 Name of a Furry 3 Noun Noun Noun Plural noun Adjective Type of vehicle A direction A game Place Number Place Name of a Furry 4 An activity (in present tense like, “do” or “eat”) Place Noun Place Social media sit

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