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A Literary Legend

With the upcoming release of Down the Plymouth Road, we have graciously been given a little bonus to provide a more thorough background on the prodigious writing career of its author, Mr. Stanley Jenkins. Conducted by editor of Eclectia Magazine, Tom Dooley, we get a sneak peek inside Jenkins' process of writing Down the Plymouth Road and the ideas he expressed with it. ~ Stanley Jenkins first appeared in Eclectica Magazine in the spring of 1997. It was his first time being published on the Internet, which was the case for many authors at that time, the web as a venue for serious literature being a relatively new idea. We had only been online for seven months ourselves, and when we read Stan

Spring Into a Good Book!

No, we're not sorry for the pun. What we are sorry for is not creating this sooner! With us all being a decent way through the spring season, we thought it appropriate to craft up something perfect for this time of year! A reading list! Because here at THP we don't have much time for things like gardening, bird-watching, or enjoying that warm spring breeze. No, being the professional shut-ins that we are, we think the pages of a fresh book can provide just as much entertainment than any whimsical entity found outdoors. So without further ado, here's a few titles you can crack open on the porch with the tulips in view and the robins nesting out in the tree. The Auraless by Katarina Boudreaux

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