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THP March 25 News

So, a lot's happened this month! This starts the opening of our new website design. Our header was provided by the wonderful talents of Howl, George Squares, and Tabsley Abernathy, and Howl handled the main site re-design. We've also received an interestingly high volume of queries from Russian authors. This marks our first time actively seeking translators as a house. We are putting the final touches on Stephen Coghlan's young adult novel, GENMOS: Gathering Storms and look forward to seeing its publication in April. Also, April 6-9th, we will be selling and signing books at Furry Weekend Atlanta, with staff members Howl, Rayah, Hypetaph, and Tabsley. We'd also like to welcome new staff memb

Interview with Editor-in-Chief Thurston Howl

I want you to meet Thurston Howl of Thurston Howl Press. He's an amazing construct of energy and organization. I also strongly suspect that he's a speed reader. He is not only a writer and editor and publisher, but a grad student and an educator. He's also comes across as an incredible optimist. My work has appeared in two of his anthologies; one non-fiction and the other fiction. With any luck, there could be more soon. After all, he's obviously already demonstrated a good deal of good taste. Thurston Howl on His Book Shelf I always read seven books at once, one from each of the following categories: literary fiction, nonfiction, sci fi / fantasy, LGBT / furry, horror, young adult, and expe

THP Spring Titles You Have to Check Out!

Happy Spring 2017! Here in Knoxville, TN, the weather changes daily from freezing to scorching to raining to snowing. But at least reading stays a pleasant constant, right? Here are five Thurston Howl Publications books to sate all your spring needs this year: 1. Above the Pines by Robert Bradford Want your nature kick while staying indoors? Check out ABOVE THE PINES and follow teenage girl Sam as she struggles with both her relationship with the natural world and her interpersonal relationship with her best friend Isis. (click image for Amazon link) 2. The Sword of Destiny by Jonathan W. Thurston In some parts of the country, it's now warm enough to go for a swim! Dive along with Drage, Mat

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