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An Unconventional Love


You know the drill: We give the prompt, you the words, and make some magic happen! Our favorites to be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

Send yours to with the subject line "Furry Mad Libs" or FML (it's coincidence we swear)!

Here is your new canvas this time from Alison Cybe!

You will need,


(MALE NAME) had been watching the (SPECIES) for weeks from across the (BUILDING). Every morning they would watch as the (SPECIES) would (VERB 2) some (OBJECTS) and then brush his fur afterwards. One day, (MALE NAME) worked up all of his courage and followed the (SPECIES) into the (ROOM). When the (SPECIES) noticed him, he asked (MALE NAME) “Do you (VERB 2) here often?” The (SPECIES) began to kiss (MALE NAME) on the (ANATOMY 2). (MALE NAME) was feeling very (EMOTION). He began to slowly (VERB 1) at the (SPECIES)’s (ADJECTIVE 1), (ADJECTIVE 2) (ANATOMY 1). The (SPECIES) began to (SOUND) in happiness. The two of them were soon happily (PRESENT TENSE VERB) each other. The (ROOM) was feeling very warm and it was not long before the (SPECIES) wanted to (VERB 2) (MALE NAME) with all of his courage. It was the best morning of (MALE NAME)’s life.

For the next few weeks, (MALE NAME) would return to the (BUILDING) and continue (PRESENT TENSE VERB) the (SPECIES) until his (ANATOMY 2) was sore. But alas, all things must come to an end, and eventually the (SPECIES) told (MALE NAME) that if he could not put a (OBJECT SINGULAR) on his (ADJECTIVE 1) (ANATOMY 1), the (SPECIES) would have to conclude their misadventures. (MALE NAME) felt his courage leave him as he realised that his (EMOTION) was due to end and they began to (SOUND) in sadness, tucked his tail between his (ANATOMY 2) and began to (VERB 2) his (OBJECTS) and (VERB 1) at his (ANATOMY 1) on his own. But then (MALE NAME) felt a rush of (EMOTION) and told the (SPECIES) to (VERB 2) right there.

He rushed out of the (BUILDING) and ran as fast as his (ANATOMY 1) would let him. He ran to the nearest (OBJECT SINGULAR) store and let out a (SOUND) of (EMOTION) when he found the (ADJECTIVE 1) (OBJECT SINGULAR) in the entire store. It was so (ADJECTIVE 1) that (MALE NAME) didn’t think that he could (VERB 2) it. But he wasted no time in (PRESENT TENSE VERB) it with the store owner.

Carrying the (OBJECT SINGULAR) with his (ANATOMY 2), (MALE NAME) hurried back to the (BUILDING) as fast as he could. Pushing open the door, he sprinted up to the (SPECIES) and thrust his (ADJECTIVE 1) (OBJECT SINGULAR) onto the (SPECIES)’s (ADJECTIVE 2) (ANATOMY 1) as (VERB 1)ly as possible. The (SPECIES) was so (EMOTION) that he started to (VERB 2) (MALE NAME) right in the middle of the (BUILDING). (MALE NAME) began to (SOUND) in wild (EMOTION) as the pair (PRESENT TENSE VERB) until a crowd of people politely asked them to leave. To this day, (MALE NAME) and the (SPECIES) tell this tale to their young grand-children and reminisce of the start of their happy days together.

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