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Road Trip to Remember

We're trying something a little different. Yeah, what else is new? In our constant forward momentum of innovation we thought we'd incorporate a little fun between publisher and readers in the classic and timeless form of MAD LIBS!

We provide the prompt, you (the readers) provide the magical words, and create a personal experience all your own! We'll pick some of our favorites to be featured in an upcoming newsletter!


  1. Season

  2. Adjective

  3. Name of a Furry 1

  4. Adjective

  5. Name of a Furry 2

  6. Name of a Furry 3

  7. Noun

  8. Noun

  9. Noun

  10. Plural noun

  11. Adjective

  12. Type of vehicle

  13. A direction

  14. A game

  15. Place

  16. Number

  17. Place

  18. Name of a Furry 4

  19. An activity (in present tense like, “do” or “eat”)

  20. Place

  21. Noun

  22. Place

  23. Social media site

  24. Adjective

  25. Adjective

  26. Adjective

  27. Plural noun

  28. Place

  29. Number

  30. Adjective

Furry Road Trip

It was a (season) to remember the weather was (adjective) and the time was ripe, (fursona 1) thought. It was time for the (adjective) road trip of their life, so (fursona 1) called (fursona 2) and (fursona 3) to join in on the adventure. (Fursona 2) was happy and excited to join and offered to bring (noun), (noun), and (noun). (Fursona 3) wasn’t as sure, but reluctantly agreed to pitch in some (plural noun) for the trip and hoped it’d be a (adjective) time at least. The day had come and everyone piled in to (fursona 1’s) (type of vehicle) to get started. They started by going (direction), and after a few hours of playing (game) on the road, they found a (place) to spend the night. There was only (number) beds, so it was difficult to figure out who would sleep where. (Fursona 1) wasn’t tired as it was still early in the night and wanted to check out the local scenery, so they all looked up a good (place) to go to and ventured out. It turns out their friend (fursona 4) was in town and was also looking for some fun, so they all decided to (an activity) while there. After the night was over, they went back to their lodging, and they decided to head to (place) tomorrow before heading home again. On the way home, they spotted (noun) the official landmark of (place) and they all took pictures there to share with all their friends on (social media site). (fursona 3) posted they were having a really (adjective) time. After a few more hours of driving, the three of them finally arrived back home, and they unpacked their bags, and they realized their only souvenirs were (adjective) (plural noun) from (place). They agreed to go go on another road trip together in (number) years and create more (adjective) memories.

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