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Our furry direction moving furward

So, big announcement time! Due to THP wanting to delve more into mainstream publishing as well as maintain our furry works (and wanting to push our furry works in a more specific direction), we are starting our first imprint: Thurston Howl's Bound Tales. BT will publish most of our furry stuff, and we will be focusing more on adult material with that imprint.

Over the next couple of weeks, expect to see a new store site for our BT books, and things on our website might move around, too. Most of our current furry titles will move to the BT section of our store, even though they won't be reformatted or re-logoed.

We will still do occasional general-audience anthologies and books! But we do want to do fewer of them in the future and focus more on producing progressive and unique erotica and horror. Hence, the quadruple entendre of "Bound Tales": violence, sex, books, and furry!

You can find it on Twitter at @THBoundTales

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