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Spring Into a Good Book!

No, we're not sorry for the pun.

What we are sorry for is not creating this sooner!

With us all being a decent way through the spring season, we thought it appropriate to craft up something perfect for this time of year! A reading list! Because here at THP we don't have much time for things like gardening, bird-watching, or enjoying that warm spring breeze.

No, being the professional shut-ins that we are, we think the pages of a fresh book can provide just as much entertainment than any whimsical entity found outdoors.

So without further ado, here's a few titles you can crack open on the porch with the tulips in view and the robins nesting out in the tree.

The Auraless by Katarina Boudreaux

Lisle in an outcast, sent to live with others of her kind in the outer ring of Paix society. An empath, she is labelled different by the others of her telepathic people, though Lisle feels she is destined for more than what her people have attributed her. When a division among the Paix seeks to tear the race apart, Lisle's quest of self-worth may be their sole saving grace.

Infurno edited by Thurston Howl

A new anthology centered around the Nine Circles of Hell, Infurno seeks to lead readers into a descent of sin and depravity, to witness the souls that inhabit each cycle, and the tribulations each of them face.

From whorehouses at conception to the morgue in death, Infurno will provide a little heat to spice up that lukewarm and peaceful spring day.

Curious Things by Hope Silver

Finding magic in the most simple of things.

This collection of flash fiction draws detail to things that would normally be passed over. Objects we'd see everyday and otherwise forget about, is given its own spotlight to stand out and make its voice heard.

Witness a new kind of anthropomorphism, one rarely seen both in AND outside the fandom.

Wolf Warriors 4 edited by Sherayah Witcher

Spring is all about nature, and in this anthology, we delve into one of its most iconic creatures.

With an ensemble of authors, these majestic beasts are given a plethora of perspectives spanning across genre. With poetry, art, and classic fiction, experience the endless tales of wolves in their kingdom, and the conflicts and journeys they face, every day.

Small World by Gre7g Luterman

With the newly released second volume to The Kanti Cycle, follow the titular hero Kanti, as he and his people, the geroo, are faced with a claustrophobic catastrophe, forced to live in a single room, to avoid the poisonous air of the world that surrounds them.

Will starvation and paranoia win out? Or will Kanti and his people find the will to survive, rising to the challenge and fight back?

Be sure to check any of these titles out on our website and let the authors know what you think! Writing may be a calmer affair, but that doesn't mean it has to be completely silent!

Happy Spring everyone!


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