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Ursa Major last!

In 2015, we sought out to make the first furry nonfiction publication, Furries Among Us. The book featured essays from Kyell Gold, Fred Patten, the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, and more. It was an instant hit and remains one of our bestselling works.

Then, in 2016, the book was nominated for an Ursa Major Award. We had our "claws" crossed, and, sure enough, it won the award. It took a little over a year before we actually received the award, but now we indeed have it proudly displayed.

It was a big deal for fans to read the book and shower it with as much praise as you/they have. This year, we even released its sequel, Furries Among Us 2. And we hope it has similar success.

Over the years, the UMAs have received much criticism as being a "popularity contest," and, in many ways, those criticisms are perfectly valid. However, THP has paired up with the upcoming Furry Book Review program as a way to help foster the need for more objective reviews as well as support a discourse that isn't just popularity-based. As that program grows, we will probably promote it here, but for now, thank you ever-faithful readers for helping Furries Among Us and THP get to where it has today.

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