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July Highlights for THP

Even though we still have a little over one more week left for July, a lot has happened this month, and THP is moving its headquarters to Michigan in two weeks (to help raise funds for the move, click here), so that will be keeping us busy in the interim.

- Received 12 queries this month (so far). Accepted two works (not out of that twelve, of course; mostly from the previous month's queries)

- The major publication this month is Evolutionary Action by Phil Geusz. The next book you'll be seeing from us will likely be Curious Things by Hope Silver, a collection of shorts about animated inanimate objects.

- The next anthology deadline is INFURNO, a furry collection of horror and erotic stories based around the Nine Circles of Hell. Still actively seeking submissions!

- THP now has a Store page! Check it out to purchase our 7 Deadly Sins cards.

- THP now has a monthly newsletter. Make sure to go to the Home page to subscribe!

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