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Books to Cool Off with This Summer!

Whether you're cooling off at the beach, walking your dog, or waiting for some mechanics to change your oil in a waiting room with no AC, here are some good THP books you can enjoy to both inspire your summer travels and help you relax.

1. Thicket by Terry Michael Gildow

So, you like experiencing the outdoors without the bugs and sweat? Check out Terry Michael Gildow's new novel THICKET and follow red squirrel Sadie on her expedition across the Appalachian wilderness against predators, exterminators, and enough danger to sate the need for adventure we all crave. (click image for Amazon link)

2. Virtual Living by Gary Beck

Need a quick but poignant read for your days to relax? Gary Beck's new poetry book VIRTUAL LIVING is just the thing! Question your own place in society, nature, and the universe with each taste of Beck's evocative poetry. (click image for Amazon link)

3. Gathering Storms by Stephen Coghlan

Nothing says light summer read like a young adult dystopic furry novel. As the genetically modified animal-human defects of a government experiment become labeled a failure to be destroyed, they are hoarded away from society and raised by the scientist who created them. Now as teenagers, they must use their powers to find a new future for their kind. (click image for Amazon link)

4. The Pride of Parahumans by Joel Kreissman

As you make your way through Coghlan's GATHERING STORMS, another fun summer sci fi read is Kreissman's PRIDE OF PARAHUMANS. An androgynous fox named Argentum is a scientist seeking a new future, just some hope for the parahumans that have been rendered sterile in an entirely unforgiving galaxy.

5. Closer than Brothers by Takaa Silvermane

For those of you who are wanting a little extra steam this summer--and who are 18 and over, of course--Takaa's M/M erotic anthology is the perfect page-turner! Follow a series of relationships across different historical cultural contexts to see how male-to-male encounters could become closer than brotherly under the right circumstances. (click image for Amazon link)

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