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Interview with Associate Editor Rayah

To introduce some of our staff, we are starting an interview series with many of our members. Today's interview was with Rayah, THP's associate editor.

Hello Rayah, so before we get started, why don't you introduce yourself and your role in Thurston Howl Publications?

Hi, I’m Rayah. I am the Associate Managing Editor here at THP. That’s a big title that means that I have a long to do list, a big calendar, send a lot of emails, and try really hard to make sure that all of our projects keep moving.

What got you started as an editor, and how did you move up to associate editor?

My first role at THP was a beta reader. I moved up to an editor and then associate editor somehow…I don’t even really know how that happened…It’s all a blur. If someone does know the answer to this question, I would love to speak with them.

What has been one project you've loved working on recently?

It’s kind of fun because I get to be involved and see all the projects going on. One of my favorite things to see daily is the relationships and collaborative efforts between our authors and editors going well. I love to see productive conversations, and it really makes for a better end product too. My favorite project that I, personally, worked on recently was a werewolf book. It wasn’t a genre that I normally get to work on, and that was a refreshing change of pace.

Any advice you have for writers? Things you want to see in submissions more?

READ! Read in the genre that you are writing for and just in general. Readers make the best writers. Pay attention to what other writers do, different styles, conventions, and the story structures of different pieces.

I always enjoy seeing diversity. Give me main characters who are different from the norm! I love to see representation of people in the LGBTQA+ spectrum, persons of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, people with disabilities, and anything else that shows how diverse and wonderful human beings can be.

Any advice for people when it comes to editing their own work?

Don’t be afraid to proofread and revise copiously. Read it aloud to yourself. Sometimes the ears can catch what the eyes don’t. Then get some people to read over your work and give you feedback. Other people will likely be able to tell you if something doesn’t make sense or doesn’t flow properly. It’s good to get some different perspectives. Also, just remember that writing is often times a lot of rewriting, so don’t get discouraged with the process.

Tell us three random facts about yourself!

I’m rarely without a book that I am reading on my person or nearby.

I've never seen the ocean in person. It's just never happened, but I want it to.

I really don't like coming up with random facts about myself on the spot.

Alright, and thank you so much, Rayah! Good luck, and keep up the good work!