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Our weekend at FWA

This past weekend was a big deal for Thurston Howl Publications!

When Writing Facilitator of Furry Weekend Atlanta Jelliqal invited us to come and lead some panels on writing and publishing, we were more than interested.

THP members included Rayah, our associate editor, Tabs, our head of marketing and graphic design, Hype, one of our head editors, and myself, Thurston Howl.

I led and co-led panels on furry fiction, editing your work, where and how to get published, cover design, and writing furry erotica.

Aside from the panels, we also held book sales and signings. Being our first time "dealing" at a convention, we brought about sixty books and were pleased to sell fifty of those! People came up to us with books they had bought before the convention and asked for signatures. There were people who came up to me and said, "Wait, you're Thurston Howl?!" (yes, my ego is tremendously large now). Rayah and Hype, who ran the table with me, we all loved getting to meet such avid writers and readers. It was a wonderful experience that reminded me of why I do what I do: to provide a writing outlet for writers, and to provide high quality literature for readers.

An incredible experience all around, and we hope to come back next year!

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