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THP Spring Titles You Have to Check Out!

Happy Spring 2017! Here in Knoxville, TN, the weather changes daily from freezing to scorching to raining to snowing. But at least reading stays a pleasant constant, right?

Here are five Thurston Howl Publications books to sate all your spring needs this year:

1. Above the Pines by Robert Bradford

Want your nature kick while staying indoors? Check out ABOVE THE PINES and follow teenage girl Sam as she struggles with both her relationship with the natural world and her interpersonal relationship with her best friend Isis. (click image for Amazon link)

2. The Sword of Destiny by Jonathan W. Thurston

In some parts of the country, it's now warm enough to go for a swim! Dive along with Drage, Matthew, and Aria as they explore an underwater world fused with technology and magic in this modern fantasy novel. (click image for Amazon link)

3. Furries Among Us, edited by Thurston Howl

As the animals come out of hibernation, maybe it's time to explore your animal side! Furries Among Us is a nonfiction work examining what is commonly known as the "furry fandom." What's the big hype about all these people in fursuits? Check it out to find out! (click image for Amazon link)

4. We Live for Half-Moons by Weasel

Time for t-shirts, shorts, and maybe even less! This gritty novel follows gay Dalmatian Derrick as he wanders the underground streets in search for sex, love, smokes, and even the meaning of life. Adults only! (click image for Amazon link)

5. Wotan Learns Respect by C.R. Benson

As spring brings new life, it's also a time to celebrate our youngest readers. In this gorgeously illustrated children's book, Wotan the Wolf Pup teams up with his rabbit friend to find his way back home, and he learns some important lessons along the way! (click image for Amazon link)

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